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Sound: The Next Trend in Mobile Marketing?

Are you listening to the needs of the mobile-driven consumer? Because, chances are, your mobile device is already listening to you.

Since it was introduced last year, Apple’s Siri has helped drive sales of the iPhone 4S. Siri took advantage of a smartphone opportunity—readily available fast mobile Internet—to address a smartphone weakness—tiny screens and imprecise keyboards.

Although Siri’s similarities to a sci-fi robot may make this technology seem futuristic, Siri is really a good example of how existing mobile technology is evolving. So, when it comes to mobile, what’s the next wave? As it turns out, it might be sound.

Sound: The Future of Mobile Marketing?

New technology by companies like Chirp and Sonic Notify are using sound waves to transfer information.

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of your favorite coffee shop. Does it vary from the sound of your office or your favorite TV show? Sonic Notify is new technology that uses the sounds of a mobile user’s surroundings to bring that user relevant media. In other words, Sonic Notify uses sound to distinguish where you are or what you’re listening to. Using in this technology in an app, companies can trigger notifications on their mobile phone at precise times or in specific locations.

Mobile app, Chirp turns data into a sound—a “chirp,” if you will—that can be broadcast. People within the range of the sound who are running the Chip app on their phone can then “hear” and interpret the data. This technology allows anything that makes a sound—from doorbells and car horns to TV and radio commercials—to broadcast a message to mobile phones that are running the app.

Much like Siri, these innovations provide a creative approach to solving the problem of small screens and “fat-fingering” keyboards. Unlike visuals, which often must be altered to accommodate a small smartphone screen, phones were built for transferring sound. Sound and phones might seem like a logical pairing, but is sound the next trend in mobile innovation? We’ll have to wait and hear.

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