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Mobile: Here to stay or passing fad?

You have heard it before: “This is the year of the smartphone!” “This is definitely the year of the tablet.” Whatever year it is, unconstrained excitement around the mobile space has certainly been with us for the past few years, and one might wonder if it will dissolve away as a passing fad.

But consider some of the recent compelling facts: By 2015, there will be nearly one mobile device for every person on the earth. Many people will have more than one mobile device. Enterprise tablet adoption will grow nearly 50% per year for the next four years, so that second device will likely be a tablet.

Still, the pervasiveness of smartphones increases: from 31% to 44% in the U.S. last year, and from 30% to 51% in the U.K. With that kind of ubiquity, new classes of applications that interact directly with a customer’s environment can be created. This will bring new opportunities to connect with and market to customers.

#OptionPass Mobile FactsPerhaps this is the year after all.

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