When faced with a challenge, changing perspective can bring new light to the solution

Events such as the NFL Super Bowl come but once a year, and big brands will invest heavily to take advantage of the opportunity they provide to drive sales of their products. So when you see a spectacular soda display in your local grocery retailer, you can bet that the manufacturer paid a premium for prominent in-store presence.

But how is a marketer to know if an in-store campaign drove sales? The measurable ROI depends on the individual retail locations’ ability to execute the marketing campaign. Effectiveness of these time-sensitive campaigns can be determined only if the brand owners know they were executed as designed at the store level.

More than just meets the eye.

StoreFlix, a software startup company looking to establish itself in the marketplace developed a unique mobile app to address this issue of campaign compliance.

This new app enables large clients to track the execution of in-store promotional campaigns in real-time. In addition, the StoreFlix app compares execution among retailers, across regions, and among sales reps. Armed with information, brand owners can closely monitor and manage their campaigns to ensure that poor execution or store-level compliance doesn’t get in the way of good marketing strategy.

However, StoreFlix’s offshore software developer couldn’t complete significant feature enhancements at its clients request.

Fusion Alliance technology consulting services came in to help fix bugs and enable features that the offshore developer could not address in the original release, and in the process Fusion’s testing team uncovered larger issues with the app’s architecture and marketplace connectivity.

Other challenges surfaced as well. StoreFlix was at a point where it required high level of stewardship. Its processes were still somewhat underdeveloped. At the same time, the start-up was aggressively pursuing investors and large clients that were critical for business growth.

Bringing things into focus.

Our enterprise level experience gave StoreFlix an advantage over working with just a mobile developer. Fusion Alliance’s methodologies have built-in flexibility that allows us to work with a process-adverse company, such as this one. The application required significant work re-thinking architecture, process and usability. Fusion’s developer team reviewed the existing mobile code and added specific software patterns to reduce complexity and improve the user experience.

The re-architecture significantly improved the application’s performance and provided a solid offering that helped StoreFlix establish its position in the marketplace and put them on a trajectory to growth and success.

Not seeing the light?

Fusion Alliance can bring a new perspective.
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