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Why People Would Move to Google+

Google+ logoDwight Silverman, a techblogger for the Houston Chronicle, states that the problem with Google+ is that it doesn’t answer the ‘Why?’ question. Let me give it a shot.

  1. Not on Facebook (seriously …).  I realize that I am probably one of four or five people left in the U.S. without a Facebook account.  It never appealed to me and to quote Betty White, “I didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say that it sounds like a huge waste of time”.  As the medium has evolved and grown, I have been interested, but turned off by some of the privacy concerns surrounding Facebook.
  2. Leave the Keg Stands Behind.  There are those who grew up on Facebook and, in their younger days, weren’t as concerned with their image online.  Now, as a user enters the job market, the pictures of him/her doing a keg stand might come back to haunt them.  Google+ is chance to start over for those who would like to.
  3. Move the Keg Stands.  As Facebook grew, mom and dad joined and became ‘friends’ with their sons/daughters.  Rather than ‘unfriend’ mom and dad, why not just move locations?  If mom and dad decide to follow, just put them in a different circle.  While it is possible to control who sees what on your wall in Facebook, it doesn’t appear to be intuitive.  In Google+, you decide what people see when you add people.  You choose one or more ‘circles’ in which they reside.
  4. Less Clutter.  While Facebook isn’t quite MySpace, it has a fair amount of clutter.  Ads, games, businesses clamoring for ‘likes’.  Google+ doesn’t have any of that.  At least, not yet.  Businesses are not allowed to set up profiles (not yet, anyway).  There’s no Farmville, Texas Hold ’em, Mafia Wars or Pet Society.  Granted, Google+ is only about 30 days old so it remains to be seen whether or not the platform will morph into something more Facebook-esque.

The real question is: Are there enough people in the categories above to create a sustainable social network on Google+?  And, with the lackluster launch (and even poorer adoption) of Google Buzz in early 2010, that remains to be seen.
I would like to hear why others are migrating to Google+ from Facebook.  If you have made the jump (or aren’t going to!), let me know in the comments below.

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