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Your Year on Twitter: How to Find Your Most Popular Tweet of 2012

Your year on Twitter

As we discussed last week, the website “2012 Year on Twitter” takes a look at the some of the tweets that reflect the last calendar year, including the “Golden Tweets” that generated the most retweets during 2012. Although we can learn a lot from these popular tweets, you might still be wondering, “What was my golden tweet from 2012?” Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to find fun and interesting stats about your tweets from last year.

Finding Your Most Retweeted Tweet of 2012

As part of their “2012 Year on Twitter” website, Twitter partnered with Vizify to allow anyone to see their Twitter account’s “Golden Tweet.” Ours came in October and had to do with job offerings here at Fusion Alliance.

Fusion Alliance Golden Tweet

Want to find out which of your organization’s tweet’s generated the most retweets? Visit 2012.Twitter.com and follow the steps for “Your Year on Twitter” or simply visit Vizify.com/Year-On-Twitter and select “GET YOURS NOW!”

In addition, Vizify determines your “Golden Follower,” the person who mentioned your account most during 2012. Vizify also provides interesting information about what terms and hashtags you tweeted, when you tweeted them, and even the specific tweets that included those terms and hashtags.

SOUND OFF: What was your most popular tweet of 2012? Does knowing this information help provide guidance for 2013 social media planning?

Image Source: 2012.Twitter.com


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