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Our digital team keeps up with the latest and greatest, and occasionally something turns our heads as being exceptionally notable.  Here are a few recent favorites from the wide digital world.

How Google’s Page Redesign Could Affect Your Business

Doug Scamahorn brought us this article on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) that covers:

  1. How the New Layout Impacts Organic Search
  2. How the New Layout Impacts Paid Search
  3. The Net Impact

Columbia Sportswear Ski Bum Scholarship Contest

Do you dream the dream of living the dream?


Jon Bausman, our resident social media expert,  enjoyed this great example of brand positioning and market penetration with the use of digital tools.  Using several social platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Columbia creates excitement with its users and converts user participation into membership on their email marketing list.

Sitebeam: Test your websites for everything









Jeff Lefevere likes Sitebeam for competitive research for client analytics analysis.  Compare websites with side-by-side rankings, and put your test results directly into presentations.

Ratchet: Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components

Travis Moser, one of our talented developers, found a helpful tool in Ratchet, a tool from the people who brought you Twitter Bootstrap. Ratchet is released under the MIT license and you can find it on GitHub. Easily create components like bars, lists, buttons, segmented controllers, sliders, and popovers.

The iPad robot that can let you go anywhere in the world—without ever leaving your living room

My contribution to this post feeds my love of gadgets and tech.  A stationary web cam doesn’t give you the embedded feeling of “there.”  Although I can’t keep up with everything, this particular innovation caught my eye as a pricey but fun option for distributed teams.

The options are endless.  I’m considering it as a way to have our far away cousins sitting at the Thanksgiving table with us.

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