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Planning vs. Strategy: What is the Difference?

The words “strategy” and “plan” are sometimes used interchangeably. Although both have similarities—each provides method for achieving an end—they also have differences.


A strategy is a solution, blueprint, layout, design, or idea used to achieve a specific goal. Strategy takes you from where you are now to a where you want to be.

Strategy is very flexible and open for adaptation and change when needed. A strategy does not specifically say how you will arrive at this end.  That is where your plan comes in.


A plan is an arrangement, a pattern, a program, or a scheme used to achieve an objective.

Unlike a strategy, a plan is very concrete in nature and doesn’t allow for deviation. If “Plan A” doesn’t work, for instance, you don’t revise “Plan A” and try again, you move onto “Plan B.” In this case, “Plan A” and “Plan B” would be two totally different approaches.

When comparing the two, strategy can be seen as the idea for “how” to achieve a goal and planning can be seen as the measurable “how-to.” For example, if your goal is to increase app downloads, you strategy might be to add more download prompts to your mobile website, and your plan is how specifically you will do that.

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  • Ti Roberts

    Great breakdown of the difference between a business plan and a business strategy. It’s important to know the difference between the two so that you can effectively execute your business building efforts. Thanks for sharing this post with our Bizsugar community. I appreciate it.


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