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Hashtag Happy Holidays: Social Media Promotion Examples

If you spend a lot of time online this season, chances are you’ll see variations of #HappyHolidays on a number of your social networks. Why? Because, hashtags are a great way for people and brands to connect. Once reserved for Twitter, hashtags are now a practical way to connect on a number of social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Wonder how tech-lovers, organizations, and brands are using hashtags this holiday season? Here are a few creative holiday-themed social media promotions:

Instagram-inspired Advent Calendar

Adding tags to photos on Instagram makes those photos visible on public tag pages. 24 Grams is using this to their advantage with an Instagram-inspired advent calendar. For this project, the creators invite Instagram users to submit photos to complete their advent calendar by including the tag @24gram and specified hashtags (like #Gram9) within their photo caption.


“Pin to Win” Holiday Contest

A number of visual consumer brands are running holiday-themed contests on Pinterest to help spread the word about their products. Sephora’s holiday-themed Pinterest giveaway asked fans to use a special hashtag (#SephoraSweeps) in the description when pinning their favorite items. Sephora then tracks the images using the hashtag and selects a weekly winner at random.


Twitter Populated Webpages

Twitter hashtags don’t have to be reserved for Twitter.com. The tweets can also be populated on other webpages. Last holiday season, we created “Fusion Cheer,” an interactive webpage that allowed our employees and customers to share messages using a dedicated hashtag. (Stay tuned for this year’s holiday project!)

SOUND OFF: Are you using hashtags as part of a social media marketing campaign this holiday season? Share your idea or promotion by leaving a comment below.


  • Stacey Shimabukuro-Lui

    Thanks for a great article. Hashtags are a great invention. It’s wonderful to see it being used much more often than before.

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