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ComTrac Embeds InetSoft’s Reporting Software to Provide Better Supply Chain Management

Those familiar with supply chain management understand the importance of having the necessary raw materials where and when you need them. Having these commodities too late, or too early, can result in additional costs, which decreases overall ROI.

A number of Fusion Alliance clients successfully manage their supply chain efforts using ComTrac, a flexible and configurable web-based commodities management system. ComTrac originated as a way for the utilities industry to track coal and other bulk commodities used to generate electricity. Today, ComTrac gives companies within the energy vertical — and beyond — a new ability to dial in their processes, model alternatives, and get in front of their operations. ComTrac is unique because its holistic perspective on the supply chain provides users with a clear view of the entire system.

Supply Chain Management System Reporting

Recently, Fusion Alliance integrated InetSoft’s Style Report into ComTrac with the goal of providing users of this supply chain management system a seamless and personalized Web-based reporting environment. InetSoft’s tool provides a reporting option that provides users with easy access to the data that they need to run their businesses. InetSoft’s reporting function not only provides simple reports, but also more complex reports including: production reports, interactive reports, and ad hoc reports in a zero-client, Web environment—all of which provide a more holistic picture.

SOUND OFF: How does your company manage commodities? Have you experienced an instance where better supply chain management helped improve ROI? Share your story by leaving a comment below.

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