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6 Digital Trend Predictions for 2013

It’s that time of year—time to make predictions about what will become the big digital trends in 2013. From content marketing to mobile wallet, here are some of the most interesting trend predictions we’ve heard so far this year:

1. Second-Screen Revolution

According to Mashable: More than 80% of smartphone and tablet owners use these mobile devices while watching TV.

Although the statistics about the rise of the second screen are notable, it stands to argue that the second-screen revolution is still to come. As AdWeek points out, new apps and gaming consoles that allow consumers to use smartphones or tablets in tandem with their TV, have the ability to open up additional second-screen marketing, including conjoined ads.

2.  Content as Currency 

In 2012, many brands began embracing content marketing and thinking more like publishers. As companies continue to look for new ways to enhance conversation and the digital customer experiences by way of visual or text-based content, some argue that content may become your company’s most valuable asset in 2013.

3. Data Surplus, Insight Deficit

Big Data, one of the biggest trends in 2012, isn’t going anywhere in 2013. In fact, the amount of data being collected, mined, stored appears to be increasing. However, as David Armano reminds us, it’s not enough to have data, it’s also necessary to know what to do with it. Armano suggest that “2013 may be the year we focus less on data and start thinking about how to understand, interpret and make good use of it.”

4.  Mobile Payments

This constantly evolving trend seems to be picking up quickly with apps like Apple’s Passbook, as well as store-specific apps from retailers like CVS, Target, Starbuck promoting consumer to use their phone as part of the check-out process and big news about mobile payments services like Square. However, many of those who included mobile payments as trend to watch for in 2013, suggest that consumer demand will play a big factor in the progress of mobile payments in the year ahead.

5.  3D Printing

Although 3D printers hit the market in 2012, this trend is expected to explode in 2012. The typical consumer might not understand or be ready to fully embrace 3D printing, however extreme DIY enthusiasts, retailers who offer 3D printing and unique large-scale applications—like the creation of an 3D-printed version of James Bond’s Aston Martin “Skyfall”—might be enough to push this abstract technology mainstream.

6.  Embedded Technology

Think your phone is the only smart object in your life? Embedding technology might soon change that.

Mashable author, Lance Ulanoff suggests that embedded technology is poised up where you least expect it: utility poles, door handles, sidewalks. “Any place they can jam a sensor to capture — you guessed it — data, or let you quickly gain information about location, situational awareness, there will be embedded technology.”

SOUND OFF: What digital tech trends do you expect to be big in 2013? What trends are you looking forward to? Dreading? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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