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5 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

So, you’ve set up a Twitter account. You’ve followed a few of your customers. Now what? When it comes to using Twitter as part of your business’ digital strategy, tweeting is only the beginning.

Not too long ago, Social Media Examiner shared 16 creative ways to use Twitter for business. The following are a few of our favorites and how they can be applied to your organization’s Twitter account:

1. Change your visual branding

Twitter allows you to customize many aspects of your Twitter profile page. This provides you with a number of creative visual branding opportunities for your organization. Customizable aspects include:

  • Your Twitter header image
  • Your Twitter background
  • Your Twitter profile picture
  • The color of your background and links

2. Create a Twitter landing page

Oftentimes organizations use their Twitter bio to link directly to their website or blog. Social Media Examiner contributing author, Carlene Kingston suggests using a special landing page and using that page as your Twitter profile web address. As Kingston explains, “A Twitter landing page is a special page on your website designed to introduce people from Twitter to your business. It’s like having a greeter there to help people get the scoop on your business and how you use Twitter.”

Your origination’s Twitter landing page could include:

  • A personal message from a notable member of the organization
  • Details about your business products and services
  • Additional contact information
  • Information about the people behind your organization’s Twitter account

3. Rethink your follow strategy

Maintaining a good following-to-follower ratio is important. Every Twitter account can only follow 2000 people total. If you want to follow more than that you must first increase the number of people following you.

One way to preserve your following-to-follower ratio is to weed out bots. These twitter accounts are not run by real people and don’t provide business value. How do you avoid following a bot?

  • Don’t automatically follow everyone who follows you.
  • Don’t follow people with an egg picture.
  • Check their followers. An account that follows many people but only has a few followers is probabily a spammer.
  • Review their tweet. Spam accounts and bots often only send retweets, quotes, or blast the same message to many users over a short period of time.
  • Check the bio to see if the account is listed as a bot.

4. Bookmark tweets you want to keep

An alternative to marking a tweet as one of your favorites is to bookmark it. This allows you to keep a private record of tweets and saves your favorites for items directly related to your business’ Twitter strategy. Each tweet has a unique web address that you can bookmark using your browser or a bookmarking tool. To get to the unique URL for an individual tweet, click “expand” and then “details” on the tweet in your stream.


5. Expand the Twitter conversation to your blog

Twitter now makes it easy to embed a tweet into a blog post. These embedded tweets not only look like a tweet, but also have the same interactive features as Twitter.

Taking a particular conversation from Twitter to your blog allows you to expand the discussion with commentary that is longer than 140 characters, while still leaving it open to additional outside comments on both Twitter and your blog. This strategy allows you to target industry influencers in a new way.

SOUND OFF: How is your organization using Twitter? Share your ideas below and join us for our next #OptionPass chat to see first-hand how we’re using Twitter as part of our digital marketing strategy.

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