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4 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

December might just be starting, but the holiday season, and in many cases holiday marketing, is well underway. Have you extended your holiday marketing strategy to your interactions on social media? Incorporating social media into your holiday marketing strategy can lead to a richer campaign with more meaning for your customers and better results for your organization.

Wondering how to incorporate social media into your holiday marketing strategy? Here are four ideas to get you started:

  1. Encourage Sharing
    In her Small Business Trends post, “Integrate Social Media Into Your Holiday Marketing Strategy,” Ilana Bercovitz suggests, the “best social media campaigns are those that involve your customers and encourage sharing. There are numerous ways you can get your customers to provide and share rich holiday content on your social media networks.”The best kind of sharing to encourage depends on your business. For instance, in a B2C organization, you might encourage your online community to tweet or post photos of their decorated Christmas tree, select a winner, and present them with a discount. In a B2B organization, you might ask them to share the biggest end-of-year challenge they face.As Bercovitz explains, “The holidays are the perfect time to bring people together on your networks by encouraging them to share their experiences.” Just make sure to keep your end-goal in mind when creating your strategy.
  2. Showcase Your Holiday Spirit
    The holiday season is a great time to highlight your company culture. Do you decorate your office? Snap a few pictures and share them on Facebook or Instagram. Is caroling cube to cube a yearly tradition? Consider sharing a video of your efforts on YouTube.Another way to involve the entire organization is to create your employees by creating a place where they can share what differentiates your company (employees are the foundation of company culture, after all!). A special Twitter hashtag—like the #FusionCheer hashtag we used last year—is one way to allow employees to share their messages in a collective place.
  3. Broadcast Good Tidings
    Think of your social media channels as a way to expand on the message showcased in a traditional company holiday card.Many companies create special artwork for their company holiday card. Consider updating your Twitter header, Facebook cover photo, or other social media channels with that same artwork during the month of December.Invite those receiving your holiday card to continue the experience online by including a specialized URL or QR code that leads to an online version of your card or a special holiday promotion.
  4. Say Thank You
    The holiday season is a great time to say “thank you” to you customers. Consider providing them with a special discount, but don’t stop there. Use social media to let your customers to know how much they mean to you. Twitter and Facebook are both great places to spread the word about a “thank you” discount.Concerned your message will fall on deaf ears? Consider Facebook or Twitter ads as a way to target those who already “like” your Facebook page or follow your Twitter handle.

SOUND OFF: Are you incorporating social media into your holiday marketing strategy? If not, what’s holding you back from using social media?

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